Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen has become a place not only where food is prepared but also a place for family to gather. The family is the core of who we are and this shows in every kitchen remodel and how we design. Each kitchen is custom tailored to every individual client down to the last cabinet, light fixture, and sink faucet.  We understand you want your kitchen to be as unique as you and your family. Looking for an update to your kitchen? Prime Built does simple to large scale, comprehensive remodeling projects for your home or business. Please contact us today to set up an appointment for your kitchen remodeling vision.  We’d be happy to go over your options and provide a free estimate.


Since each kitchen is unique, each bid is a little different. Expenses differ as much as taste in style from kitchen to kitchen, so we pride ourselves on transparency throughout the project, especially when it comes to the projected cost. We’ll break the estimate down by the cost of all the materials, from tile and countertops to flooring, plumbing, and fixtures. This helps to give you a high-level view of the project and helps you decide if you want to splurge on the countertops you’ve always wanted or that awesome under-cabinet lighting.

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The main goal for doing the bidding process the way we do is so we can get as close to the actual cost by the end of the job so we’re not changing orders here and there, or adding extra costs, nickel and dime-ing you.

Once a price is agreed upon, we’ll ask for a deposit, then get going on the remodel.

The best part? You’re allowed to change your mind as the job progresses. There’s nothing worse than the anxiety of buyers remorse, or feeling like you might have made the wrong decision. We want you to be completely in love with your kitchen and will do our best to work with you on the fly while being transparent about how it might affect the initial projected timeline or budget.